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 By Vidhi Mishra       Mar 15, 2023

It might be difficult and challenging to look for a career while in college. You may face many difficulties while seeking jobs. You may have less experience than other candidates since you must pay for your living expenses, concentrate on your studies, and have to focus on school. But don’t worry, you are not alone; studies have found that more than 70% of students work while still in school or college, and about 15% work two jobs while studying. The good news is that recruitment levels for college students are rising. So, it’s the perfect time to build your resume to stand out among the fierce competition.

Your resume should be captivating and to the point to stand out to potential employers. You can contact Resume Making Services for proper guidance and career advice. HR managers often take less than 10 seconds to scan a resume, so you need to make sure that you grab their attention immediately. Employers also use various applicant tracking systems to manage and automate the recruitment system. Showcase your most relevant skills and experiences, and make sure that your resume is easy to read and appealing. Making your resume stand out from the thousands of other applicants is essential. To do this, ensure you give yourself the best chances to land that dream job.

Here Are The 7 Things That Employers Love About Student's Resume:

Student Resume Examples & Templates

1. Right Resume Format & Structure

It is important to consider the type of resume format that is best for you. There are three common formats in the resume: Chronological formats, Skilled/functional formats, and combination formats. Every format has advantages and disadvantages.

While organizing your resume, it's important to prioritize your education if you're a student. Make sure to list your education first and highlight any relevant coursework or projects. As you list your work experience, make sure to include the dates and titles of your previous positions in chronological order. This will make it easy for employers to follow your career timeline.

Add keywords to your resume that match the job description you're applying for. This can help you get past automated application systems and show that you’re a good fit for the position. Additionally, quantifying your experiences using two to five bullet points can help employers better understand your accomplishments and contributions.It can be helpful for students to use a resume template as it can save time and ensure that the document is organized and visually appealing in the process of resume writing.

Overall, your resume should be easy to read and flow naturally. Make sure you Shorten Your Resume and it’s visually appealing and easy to skim, with clear section headings and bullet points. You may build a powerful resume that will impress potential employers and help you find your ideal job by following these job-winning criteria.

2. Easily Visible Dates

When employers review a student's resume, one important factor they look for is easily visible dates along with proper Resume Headline. The resume should clearly display the dates of the student's educational and professional history.

Including dates is important because it allows employers to see the timeline of a student's career and education, and evaluate the relevance and recency of their experiences. It also helps employers understand the duration of each experience and how long the student has been working or studying.

Overall, including easily visible dates on a student's resume is crucial for providing employers with a clear understanding of the student's career timeline and evaluating the relevance of their experiences.

3. Academic Achievements

When crafting a student resume, it's important to showcase your academic achievements, as they hold great value for employers. High GPA, relevant coursework, and honors or awards earned during your academic journey demonstrate your dedication, perseverance, and willingness to learn. Including the education institute you attended and the year of graduation adds credibility to your resume.

Although it is not necessary, including your GPA might help to show your academic accomplishment. You may mention your GPA if it's excellent or otherwise required for the employment you're going for. Otherwise, it's always good to exclude it and let the employer draw their own conclusions. By highlighting your academic accomplishments, you may convince companies that you have the information, abilities, experience, and potential to succeed in the workplace. You may define yourself from the competition in this way, which will raise your likelihood of being invited for an Job Interview.

4. Relevant Work Experience

Highlighting relevant work experience is a critical component. Even if a student just has a few work experiences, such as seasonal or part-time jobs, internships, or volunteer work, they can still demonstrate their ability to do tasks more successfully.

Employers are almost always searching for individuals with the required qualifications as well as practical experience. Highlighting relevant work experience can show potential employers that a student is not only knowledgeable but can also apply their skills in a professional setting.

It is important to provide specific details about the job or internship when including work experience on a resume. This could consist of a brief description of responsibilities and achievements, your job title, the name of the company, and the dates of employment. By expressing these ideas, students may help employers better understand their skills and background.

In summary, while a student may have limited work experience, identifying relevant part-time jobs or internships can show their ability to apply their knowledge in a professional context. Students may show to potential employers their important abilities and experiences by giving detailed facts and examples. Career blogs can be a valuable resource for students as they provide information about the job market and prepare to enter the workforce.

5. Hard Skills and Soft Skills

Showcase all of your abilities, even some that might not fall under the standard definitions of hard and soft skills, in order to stand out in the job market. This is where the special skills subsection of your resume comes in handy. This is the perfect place to showcase any unique or intangible skills that you possess that might impress a potential employer.

It's important to list your achievements for the position you want, whether they are hard or soft skills. Review the job description and make sure you highlight the skills there. This could include skills such as good communication, leadership, or social media marketing. Highlighting these skills on your resume might help you stand out from the competition because hiring managers are constantly looking for certain in-demand skills. You have a higher chance of distinguishing from the competition with the more relevant skills you possess.

It's not necessary for your skills to be relevant to your line of employment. Including unique skills, such as being a black belt in karate, can show your level of ambition and grit. Including all of your talents on your resume might ultimately provide you with a big edge in the employment market.

6. Additional Resume Sections

Your resume is an opportunity to showcase the skills and experiences that make you a strong candidate for the job you’re applying for. While there are several traditional resume sections like work experience and education, there are other sections that can add value to your Job Application. For example, including a section on your relevant projects, relevant coursework, or training can show your ability to apply your skills in practical settings.

Even if you have many experiences, keep your resume on one page. If you don’t have work experience, don’t worry–you can still highlight your leadership, volunteer, and project experiences. Project experience can range from personal class projects and should speak to your relevant skills for the role. Make sure to link to a professional portfolio that showcases your work.

Finally, including any achievements or accolades can be impressive to employers. Whether it's a contest won in your years of study or an award for being the happiest employee in your previous workplace, these achievements can show your drive and potential. Remember, your resumes and Cover Letters must adapt to the job you are applying for and should sell you as a valuable candidate.

7. Professionalism

It's critical to ensure that your resume reflects professionalism and attention to detail. A well-organized and simple resume format is important because it helps employers find the information they are looking for.

Also, having correct grammar and spelling throughout your resume shows that you take the job search and have taken the time to review and edit your application. By focusing on these details, you can convey your professionalism and show potential employers that you are a serious candidate for the position. You can get help from Resume Writers to make your resume look professional.


One of the Best Advice for Jobseekers is make your resume excellence and increase your chances of getting job. For this you have to read job description and highlight their particular skills and qualifications. Use comparable language and keywords in your resume to show that you are a good fit for the position. Additionally, make sure to focus on your achievements and accomplishments rather than just listing your job duties. Quantify your achievements with numbers and percentages wherever possible to showcase the impact you have made in your previous roles.

Lastly, don't underestimate the power of networking and referrals. Inform your contacts that you are looking for work. They may be able to refer you to a position or give you valuable insights into the company culture and the hiring process. Remember that an employer will evaluate you based on your resume. Your chances of being recognized and being invited for an interview will significantly increase if you take the time to create a customized, expert, and achievement-focused resume.