How to Shorten a Resume to Perfection
 By Vidhi Mishra       Mar 08,2023

Shortening a resume might be a challenging task, but it's necessary if you want to leave an excellent impression on prospective employers. It can take a lot of effort and can be frustrating and also makes you feel like how much to contribute, what's significant or how to present it in a professional manner.

In this article we will talk about Significance of Shortening a Resume, Simple Techniques to reduce and key points to remember while making a resume.

Significance of Shortening a Resume

Shortening a resume is important because it aids in making a good impression on potential employers. A resume that is concise and clear, highlighting relevant abilities and experiences might catch the attention of recruiters who may get hundreds of resumes for a single post. A shorter resume is also simpler to read, allowing employers to quickly determine whether an applicant is a suitable match for the job. A shorten resume can also indicate a candidate's ability to prioritize and communicate effectively by deleting extraneous content and focusing on the most critical aspects. In general, a shorter resume can increase a candidate's chances of being noticed and landing a job interview.

Is a one-page resume appropriate?

This question does not have an easy solution.The ideal resume length will vary depending on your work circumstances such as your level of experience and job you are applying for. However, if you have about 8+ years of experience with lots of certifications and achievements then it can be a two page resume but if you don't have more experience and certification you don't need to make more than a one page resume by filling in your introduction and family background. For newly job seekers, one page resume will be enough to highlight your skills, qualifications and achievements.The most important thing while making a resume is that you should keep in mind How Far Back Should A Resume Go. Moreover, it should be structured, simple to read, and highlight your most relevant skills and accomplishments. The length of the resume should be considered a secondary factor.

Simple Techniques To Shorten Your Resume And Make It Impressive

Simple Techniques To Shorten Your Resume And Make It Impressive

While condensing your resume, it's crucial to concentrate on emphasizing your relevant experiences and skills while maintaining clarity and readability. Here are some of tips to follow which are:-

1. Use Bullet Points

To present your accomplishments and duties, use bullet points. This is a simple and efficient approach to communicate information. It entails segmenting your successes into clear areas that highlight your most significant contributions and obligations.

2. Remove Personal Information

It is advised to avoid including personal information on your resume such as your hobbies, marital status or religion.This information may take valuable space that would be used to highlight your skills and experience for your niche job.

3. Decrease Page Margin

Decrease the margins of the page to save space on your resume. This makes your resume look more compact and enables you to fit more information into a single page and it's significant to maintain a professional and readable layout. Minimizing the space between headers and descriptions while maintaining readability and clarity is one method to do this. By doing this you can make your resume well-organized and visually appealing that shows your skills and experience effectively to potential employers.

4. Remove Irrelevant Information

It is best to eliminate any information or data from your resume which are not relevant to the position you are pursuing. This might include outdated expertise or experiences that are no longer relevant to your present professional goals. Eliminating such information helps you to emphasize the most important skills of your jobs you are looking for.

5. Concentrate On The Most Recent and Pertinent Experience

It is significant to prioritize the most recent and pertinent jobs when arranging your work history on your resume. This emphasizes highlighting the positions that are directly connected to the post you're looking for and also you may demonstrate your suitability for the position as a candidate.

6. Use Fewer Words To do More

When creating a resume , it is best to keep it short and to the point. It is not essential to make your resume extensive or overly thorough because its purpose is to effectively communicate information about you to potential employers.Your abilities and expertise may be successfully communicated by using concise phrases, relevant keywords, and action verbs.

7. Skip Common Abilities

The abilities that are particularly pertinent to the job you are looking for should be highlighted on your resume rather than those that are common or broad. Avoid mentioning abilities that are either too general or unrelated to the role. Instead, concentrate on the abilities you have gained throughout the course of your career that have prepared you for this specific task. Using this strategy, you can make sure that your resume highlights your technical skills and proves your suitability for the position. For proper guidance and support, Resume Making Services is there to assist you.

8. Concise in Single Page

For the majority of job applications, a one-page resume is sufficient, while there may be rare circumstances when extra pages are required. Condensing and organizing your material in a logical way can help you fit it all on one page.

How Long Should a Resume Be?

Ideal length for a resume is one page. A two-page resume, however, could be appropriate in some situations, such as if you have substantial job experience or pertinent skills and certifications to highlight. In these situations, make sure the most crucial elements are on the first page with proper Resume Headline and the second page is free of extraneous or repetitive content. Keep in mind that hiring managers and recruiters frequently get a significant volume of applications thus, a one or two-page resume that is concise and highlights your most pertinent experience and credentials will help you stand out from the competition.

Key Points To Remember

The following key points are required to remember while writing a shorten resume:-

1. Tailor to the job

It's crucial to tailor your resume to each job you apply for by adding keywords from the job description to increase its effectiveness.This demonstrates to the company that you possess the precise credentials and competencies they are seeking.

2. Proofread Carefully

It is necessary to carefully review your resume for any language and spelling errors. It's also essential to make sure that the formatting is consistent and uniform across the whole text.

3. Be honest

It is important to tell the truth about your credentials and accomplishments on your Resume. You should be as precise as possible when describing your background and qualifications.

4. Highlight your Achievements

It is crucial to highlight your achievements rather than mentioning your work responsibilities on your resume. You can use bullet points to show your achievements and quantify them with percentages or specific numbers.

5. Get feedback

It's a good idea to have someone else look through your resume to check for clarity, conciseness, and to make sure that it effectively highlights your abilities and credentials.

Benefits of Making Short (One page) Resume

1. Increased Readability

Recruiters and hiring managers sometimes have to examine a large number of applications, so having a one-page resume might make it easier for them to read your full Resume. An effective first impression may be made and you can stand out from the competition with a concise, well-structured resume.

2. Focus on Key Information

Due to space constraints, you must choose and rank the most important details about your abilities, background, and accomplishments while writing a one-page resume. This will force you to pay close attention to the crucial details that best demonstrate your suitability for the position.

3. Saves Time

A concise, one-page resume may help hiring managers and recruiters save time and streamline the application process.This is especially helpful if you're looking for many jobs because it makes it simple and quick for you to submit your resume.

4. Customization

A one-page resume may be swiftly and effectively customized to meet the needs of a specific job application, making it more pertinent to the position you're looking for. This personalization can help you draw attention to your skills that fit the requirements of the position and raise your chances of getting called in for an interview.

5. Highlights Your Writing Skills

You must be concise and precise while producing a one-page resume in order to demonstrate your writing abilities and attention to detail. These excellent traits, which are frequently sought after by many companies, may be demonstrated in a well-written one-page resume.


In conclusion, shortening a resume requires focusing on the most relevant and valuable information for the desired job position. For making a positive impact on potential employers, you must emphasize your relative skills and experiences, highlighting achievements and eliminating unnecessary information. It is also necessary to make a resume visually appealing and easy to read using bullet points. If you’re having confusion, we encourage you to check out our Services for proper guidance and maximize opportunities.